1. My Jungle

From the recording Alpha Pegasi

Written, and produced by Mitch Melodia, Carl Holz on drums
Contact info: 720-561-9563 mitchmelodia@gmail.com
"My Jungle" by Mitch Melodia can be cleared one stop through Music From The Stars Global, BMI account #3049335
Dance, forest, adventure, groovy


My Jungle

Verse 1

Swingin’ vine to vine
In this jungle of mine
With a sky full of green
This world is seldom seen
Flying higher than birds
I go leading the heard
If you hear a rumble
Point your head up this is me in my jungle


Me In My Jungle
Me in my jungle

Verse 2

In a forest of sound
Soaring far off the ground
With many friends who act like me
Apes, and orangutans, and chimpanzees
On the ground and in the trees
We just do as we please
In between Earth and Sky
I don’t have wings but I sure do Fly


Me In My Jungle
Me in my jungle
Me In My Jungle
Me in my jungle