From the recording Alpha Pegasi

Written, and produced by Mitch Melodia, Carl Holz on drums
Contact info: 720-561-9563
"The Glow" by Mitch Melodia can be cleared one stop through Music From The Stars Global, BMI account #3049335
Fast, quick, speeding, optimistic


The Next Best Thing

Verse 1

Well I know that I’m not Jesus Christ
And nobody was sweet and nice as
He was so I’m just
The next best thing

Believe me I believe in you
And the fact that everything you do
Will always lead you to
The next best thing

Chorus 1

So pursue what produces more Love
In your time here on Earth
‘Cause no bank or reserve can
Declare or conserve what we’re worth

Verse 2

If you feel you can’t cope
And you’ve run out of hope
Know that somehow you will find
The next best thing
I went with a friend through
A tunnel with light at the end
It led me to
The next best thing

Chorus 2

And on the other side I felt the
Need to confide in myself
As all these confessions are
Impressions of my mental wealth