From the recording Alpha Pegasi

Written, performed, and produced by Mitch Melodia
Contact info: 720-561-9563
"Things Will Turn Out Right" by Mitch Melodia can be cleared one stop through Music From The Stars Global, BMI account #3049335
Acoustic, calm, peaceful


Things Will Turn Out Right

Verse 1

Living through heart and mind
Aiming to keep both in line
Elation, frustration you’ll find
I know they’re both consequences of mine

Chorus 1

Clouds of confusion can block out the Sun
Making you just want to say “I’m done”
In days that seem darker than night
Somehow, someway
Things will turn out right

Verse 2

In searching for a life of ease
Daily demands can be draining
There’s always people to please
Without balance your will can be waning

Chorus 2

When you feel down on your luck
It’s way too easy to get and stay stuck
Even when you’re losing the fight
Somehow, someway
Things will turn out right

Chorus 3

Your day may be way less than bright
You can barely or can’t even see the Light
When the Act of Living takes all your might
Somehow, someway
Things will turn out right